Engineer Stone / Introduction
What is Engineer Stone? 
Engineer Stone is a kind of composite stone, which is also called artificial stone or quartz. Its properties and quality are closely related to the quantity of the natural material it contains and generally excellent composite stones are made of large percentage of that. More than 90% of marble and quartz granulations and less than 10% of resin and other additives compose the raw materials of every Engineer Stone whose suitable percentage is guaranteed by a strictly controlled scientific system. After having gone through a standard production process of fully automatic mixing, vibro-compaction under vacuum conditions, polymerization and solidification and surface finish, these raw materials which could be called completions now manage to obtain wide range of natural colors and innovative textures and luster, which are similar to that of nature stones. Engineer Stone products are hard enough to resist abrasion, scratch, erosion and acidity. Their stable properties promise that these environment friendly products are free from any kind of pollution and accord with the national sanitary criterion for construction materials. Engineer Stone is the best choice for your surfacing application in modern buildings.