Cutting Series
Automatic Bridge Sawing Machine  

The machine adopts full automatic allocation by crossbeam's moving, repeated action and automatic lifting of cutting wheel, swinging angle of cutting wheel and parallel cutting one time. It's controlled by PLC with advantages of easy operation, high precision and stable performance. The machine integrates hydraulic pressure box. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure and small acreage. It is used in cutting granites and marbles for high precision, high value and different sizes. 

The working platform can automatically overturn by 85 o, the Angle of Rotation for working platform can be set within the range from 0o to 360 o, and can either select five angles needed (45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°, 270° 315°, 360°) or voluntary allocation at any angle to cut. It has a reliable hydraulic automatic locking device. The swinging angle of bit is available within the range from 0° to 45°.