Cutting Series
Single-Arm Water Jet
Machine features: 

1. Computer control is adopted and graph to be used for next process can be edited during operation so as  
to increase working efficiency. 
2. It can cut all kinds of materials excluding diamond and alloy steel. 
3. High accuracy guide screws imported from Taiwan are used for guiding on axes X and Y and immersed in  
oil for lubrication. Labyrinth waterproof and sandproof structure is adopted to ensure machining  
accuracy of platform and extend service life of guide screws to the utmost extent.  
4. Machine is specially strengthened and designed, so it has advantages of no vibration during high speed  
cutting, fast cutting speed and high machining accuracy. 
5. A reliable pneumatic high pressure water regulator is installed at cutting tool so as to increase machining  
6. The stainless steel hood is sandproof, waterproof, antirust and anticorrosive and can be easily cleaned so  
as to keep good machine appearance constant. 
7. Dual sliding shafts are adopted for moving cutting tool vertically so as to ensure stability and accuracy of  
cutting tool.